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Dear Ms. Lisa & Linda:

Beth & I had a wonderful visit to your country and your service is one of the main reasons why. We certainly will recommend your service to any of our friends.

Mr. Joseph Leffelman
April 25, 2006

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Major Tourists Attractions

Big Bell Temple  | Chengde Mountain Resort | Confucius and Confucius Mansion | Dazu Stone Carvings | Forbidden City | The Great Wall | Heavenly Lake | Huangshan | L ijiang Old Town | Mogao Grottoes | Old Town of Lijiang | Potala Palace | Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring  | Shanghai Museum | Shangri-la | Shaolin Temple | Summer Palace | Temple of Heaven  | Terra-cotta Warriors | Wuyi Mountain | Yellow Mountain | 

Attractions Introduction

The Great Bell Temple is located on the northern western of Beijing city, No. 31 Western Section of the North 3rd Ring Road (Beisanhuan Xilu). Built in 1733, the temple houses the largest bell in China . In addition, the temple also has a small ancient bell museum and some Chinese ancient bells displayed.

The biggest bell known as China's "King of Bells", which is 6. 87 meters high, 3.3 meters in diameter, 0.22 meter thick and 46.5 tons in weight. It is hangings in the bell tower at the rear of the compound. The tower is 16.7 meters high with a square base, a circular upper structure and windows on four sides. It is said the bronze bell was cast during the Yongle period (1403-1424) of the Ming Dynasty, so the bell is called Yongle Big Bell.

Chengde Mountain Resort is one of China's leading scenic spots and the world's largest imperial garden, which served as the summer resort for emperors of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Situated 256 kilometers northeast of Beijing, Chengde is surrounded with mountains. Built in the 42nd year of Emperor Kangxi's reign (1703), the Resort was the former out palace of Qing Dynasty emperors. The palace structures along with the adjacent temples demonstrate the different styles of architecture by various Chinese nationalities. The mountain resort possesses scenery of both north and south China. For their unique shapes and beauty of color, the Eight Outer Temples represent the different features of the culture of the Han, Tibet, Mongolia and other minority nationalities. In 1994 Chengde Mountain Resort was listed as UNESCO 's World Heritage site

The Mansion, Temple and Cemetery of Confucius in Qufu, Shandong Province, are cultural sites that attract tourists from both China and abroad, In 1994, they were listed as UNESCO's world cultural heritage sites.

The Mansion of Confucius is the living quarters of the first grandson of Confucius, a great philosopher, educator and founder of Confucianism. It is also known as Master Yansheng's Mansion because in 1055, or the second year of the reign of Song Dynasty Emperor Zhaozhen, Kong Zongyuan, the 46th generation male descendant of Confucius was given the title "Master Yansheng." The title was passed down to Kong Decheng, the 77th generation male descendant of Confucius. Built on an area of 160,000 square meters, the mansion has nine courtyards with 463 rooms along the east, west and middle routes. The houses along the middle route are the main part of the mansion. The first four yards contain offices and the other five serve as residences. At the rear is a garden. The mansion stores more than 9,000 volumes of files from 1534 (the 13th year of the reign of Ming Emperor Jiaqing) to 1948 and great quantities of rare and precious cultural and historical relics.

Dazu, a small mountainous town west of Chongqing, is famous for its stone carvings, with more than 100,000 pieces left over from the Tang (628-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties. The well-preserved carvings are representative of an ancient Chinese art tradition. They also take a very important position in the religious, artistic and cultural history of China. Stone carvings are found in more than 70 places scattered throughout the county of Dazu. The largest, richest and most exquisite collection of statues is at the foot of Baoding Hill and North Hill. The stone carvings along the Baoding Hill were hewn out from 1174 to 1249. The row is 500 meters long and consists of nearly 10,000 statues, of which the most distinctive and majestic are the "Thousand-arm Goddess of Mercy" and the 31-meter long sleeping Buddha. These stone carvings are unparalleled works of art in the world and were included by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in 1999.

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